Vision Statement: Our community's Rural Character will be supported by facilitating strong local ties and communication between the public, organizations, and government; promoting locally owned businesses and supporting quality education; protecting the environment, and maintaining landowners' rights and responsibilities; promoting controlled and well-planned growth with appropriate infrastructure; ensuring proper representation for rural interests and needs; and supporting the health and safety and the privacy of our vibrant community.

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Greater Maple Valley Area Council
P.O. Box 101
Maple Valley, WA 98038

April 27, 2012

Chairman Larry Phillips
Transportation, Economy, & Environment Committee
King County Council
516 Third Ave, Rm. 1200
Seattle, WA 98104

Councilman Phillips,

Please consider the detailed comments herein as the official response from the Greater Maple Valley Unincorporated Area Council (GMVUAC) regarding the King County Comprehensive Plan Update for 2012 (Update). We wish to thank you and your committee for providing the Public a convenient venue to comment on the Update at your April 25 Ravensdale meeting. We believe such direct contact is important for all participants.

To guide the formulation of our comments we have used results from our many years of Citizen Advisory Surveys, which have consistently reinforced a set of Rural Area defining principles:
(1) Maintain privacy and rural character;
(2) Preserve surrounding environment;
(3) Maintain 5-ac minimum zoning for new construction; and
(4) Keep urban-type infrastructure to an absolute minimum (e.g., no sewers or public water; “country” roads; no urban facilities).

We assigned Growth Management and Transportation Committees to review both the Public Review Draft and the Executive’s Draft. Guided by the above Rural Area defining principles, our Committees developed detailed comments on:
Chapter 3--Rural Area & Natural Resource Lands;
Chapter 4--Environment;
Chapter 6--Parks, Open Space, & Cultural Resources;
Chapter 7--Transportation; and
Chapter 8--Services, Facilities, & Utilities.
Comments also are included on several of the Appendices.

As the TrEE Committee and its Staff review our Comments, please recognize specific concerns in the following policy areas:
(1) Placement of urban facilities in the Rural Area;
(2) Habitat protection;
(3) Park maintenance;
(4) Travel forecasting;
(5) Transportation Concurrency;
(6) Transportation revenue shortfall;
(7) Water systems; and
(8) Zoning/Land-Use.

Should you have any clarifying questions concerning our Comments, please contact our Growth Management Committee Chair, Peter Rimbos at or 425-432-1332. He will have our Committees provide you with timely responses to meet your Update schedule. We will continue to monitor progress on the Update throughout the rest of 2012.

Thank you.


Steve Hiester (
Chairman, Greater Maple Valley Unincorporated Area Council

King County Executive Dow Constantine
King County Council;;;;;;;; TrEE Committee Legislative Analyst Kendall Moore: TrEE Committee Assistant Janice Mansfield: DNR&P Director Christie True: KCDOT Director Harold S. Taniguchi: DDES Director John Starbard: Manager of CSAs Alan Painter: Land-Use Policy Advisor Lauren Smith KCCP Project Manager Paul Reitenbach: FCUAC Chair Peter Eberle: UBCUAC Chair Nancy Stafford: